“Let them Eat Cake”

Hello, blogging world!! It’s July 3rd today!! We’re going to party all day…

not. Because it’s Thursday.

There isn’t exactly anything special about today (aside from being the day before Independence Day!).

So let’s make this special, by using the mid-year to check in on my New Years Resolutions. Everyone is doing that, right? They’re on my phone. Somewhere. There’s a little sticky buried deep down with three little items written down:

1. Run a 5k

2. Blog More

3. Love More

Let’s hope I’ve made other people feel more loved, because otherwise I’ve struck out. Today, I’m changing things though.

I like baking cupcakes, I like cooking, and I haven’t been able to properly cook a year (see about me). But now I’m back and ready to share with you recipes, pictures of my baked goods, and everything else food related. To get things started, I invite you to check out below some of the cupcakes I’ve already made, as well as my about me page. Thanks! You’re all so awesome today.

*I will be cross-posting many of my posts to another blog I co-run, azeatsandbeats.wordpress.com.




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