Mealtime: Nandos Chicken!

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Summertime is in full swing, which means it’s the season to get down with all those beloved summer clichés. It’s time to brush the dust off from the grill, pull up a chair and grab some cold ones, hang out with good company, and relax by the pool. And of course, summer is absolutely synonymous with good BBQ. But despite the fact that red meat is king this time of year, it’s always good to mix it up every once in a while. Next time a good meal is in order, there’s no harm in considering some mouthwatering chicken recipes to please a crowd.

For a sure-fired hit, SORTED Food has come up with a Nandos [Copycat] Chicken recipe, which is the perfect headliner for a chicken-based meal. For those not familiar with Nandos: it’s a chicken-based chain restaurant that operates worldwide. Their specialty is their flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken; simply put, chicken seasoned with South African spices. The unique chicken recipe is a worldwide hit and those who have tried Nandos can’t stop raving about it. Fortunately for East Coasters, Nandos has a couple locations in the area and its famous sauce is sold in stores. For the rest of us, this imitation recipe tastes spot on. The sauce is effortless to make and can used to marinade the chicken beforehand and then cooked to perfection in the the oven for about an hour.

To compliment the chicken, serve it up like the restaurants do with a side of fries. For a superb “chip” to go along, consider the extra effort of making Chef Heston Blumenthal’s “Triple Cooked Chips”. With three cooks, this method of making fries is a bit more tedious then others, but the end result is glorious fry perfection. Start these fries early in the day, and don’t forget to add on a small salad to go along with the meal.

No summer meal would be complete without a cool, light summer drink and some desserts. On a warm summer night with a good meal, nothing hits the spot more than this White Wine Sangria. It requires time to mix the wine and fruit flavors together, so prepare the night before (this also makes serving a breeze come mealtime). In a rush? Another quick option is to head to Trader Joes and buy a not-too expensive red wine (two buck chuck anyone?) as well as some Orangina to make some cheap Sangria by mixing equal parts over ice. To finish off, try some of these healthy Chocolate Pots. They’re quick and effortless to make, taking no more then 5 minutes to prepare, and can be stored in the fridge for a stress free dessert at the end of the meal, or to eat as a great snack on a hot summer’s day.

This summer, don’t hesitate to be an adventurous cook, try new things, and make great food. There’s nothing better than sharing a fantastic meal with family and friends.




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