Playlist of the Week – #1!

If you are anything like me, you’re either doing one of two things as you bake: either pretending to be hosting your own cooking show, or listening to some tunes and cooking to the beat! So, this week I thought I’d do things a little bit differently and introduce a new weekly segment where I share with you a piece of my “cooking” playlist. Hopefully these songs help you have as much fun baking as I have! Enjoy and have an awesome day!

1. Disclosure, ‘Latch’

Although I love discovering the next big thing, I’m also a sucker for anything top-40. With their single  ‘Latch’ recently achieving platinum status in United States, Disclosure is the latest sensation to come out of Britain. Their single is on repeat across all the major radio stations, and I’m fine with this. The energy is contagious and it’s a sure-fire way to get you in the mood! Also check out: ‘White Noise’, ‘F for You’, and ‘You & Me – Flume Remix’

2. Sam Smith, ‘Money on my Mind’

Speaking of ‘Latch’, we can’t forget to give credit to the voice behind the song: Sam Smith. He recently released his debut album, “In the Lonely Hour”, which is likewise making a big splash over here in the states. ‘Money on my Mind’ is one of his more upbeat songs and really gets you going. For a more mellow jam, check out ‘Stay With Me’

3. Stromae, ‘Peace or Violence’

With the World Cup just having finished, it’s fitting to include a few international artists to the list. Stromae (derived from the word “Maestro”) is arguably the biggest francophone artist in the world right now. Although he’s just beginning to form a presence in the US, he’s still relatively unknown. His music is top-notch, combining elements of both house and hip-hop. In a few months, he’ll be taking his talents away from his home soil and embark on a small yet already sold-out tour of the US. ‘Peace or Violence’ is an upbeat hit from his first album, but be sure to check out his newer stuff including ‘Formidable’, ‘Papaoutai’ (which he performed on Seth Meyers), and ‘Alors on danse”

4. Cro, ‘Traum’

Keeping up with the international acts; in honor of Germany’s World Cup victory, I present to you Cro. Currently one of Germany’s biggest hip-hop/pop stars, his music was on repeat while I made my Patriotic cupcakes. If you dig this song (or German hip-hop/pop in general), check out his other songs!

Bonus 1: Sia, ‘Chandelier’

I put this song as a bonus because this isn’t a song I can see myself baking to. However, the music video is drawing tons of acclaim and the song itself is fantastic. Sia’s been around for a while but this song really breaks the ice and has lead her to perform it on both Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen’s shows. Give it a listen!

Bonus 2: Chromeo’s Oreo commercial

A little foodie related bonus. Chromeo recently created a song for an Oreo’s commercial, and let’s just say I wish it was longer. I can’t get enough of this funky little beat.


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