Playlist of the Week – #3

Hey everyone! I may have skipped a week but I’m back! Once again, here’s a small sampling of the music that I’ve been rocking out to lately! Enjoy and keep on being awesome!

1. ‘Jealous’, Chromeo

‘Jealous’ is without a doubt one of the many “Songs of the Summer”. Chromeo, who have been no strangers to creating electro-funk hits, released this single earlier this year and people haven’t stopped dancing to it ever since. The hype will probably die down soon, but before summer ends be sure to enjoy this jam to the fullest extent!

2. ‘Classic’, MKTO

To accompany Chromeo, another top-40 hit. What can I say, I just love popular music. MKTO’s ‘Classic’ is a song I can have on repeat for a while.

3. ‘Salsa Tequila’, Anders Nilsen

Just as gimmicky as Psy or Ylvis, but without the fame – except in the Netherlands, of course, where it was trending on Spotify. Deceivingly, this song isn’t about food, but if you’re into dance music it’s worth a listen if only for it’s catchiness.

4. ‘Brighter Days’, FM Belfast

I had the chance to see this band in concert last spring without knowing a thing about who they where, and in the end it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been too. Not only can these Icelanders rock (er, play synths?), but they know how to work a crowd and get everyone on their feet, jumping, and having fun. The band even came out for a second encore, and with no more material to play they ended up repeating songs. Extremely high energy and extremely contagious, especially live, this band is by far one of my favorites of 2014. Hopefully you get a chance to check them out as well.


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