Bonjour, je m’appelle Andrew (french : André), and I’m almost your average full time student. Well , average, if you don’t count the year abroad I spent as part of an exchange program; where I got to experience the joie de vivre of living and, more importantly, eating extravagantly à la Française : croissants dipped in coffee for breakfast, a rushed jambon-fromage for lunch between classes, a frozen microwave meal for dinner, and the occasional wine/baguette/cheese picnic. But my love for cooking and baking extends further back than the year I had to endure without an oven and a half-broken stove. I started by trying to make a few recipes here and there towards the end of high school, but my attempts to pursue cooking further were thwarted when I moved to college as an education major and lived in the dorms with an unlimited meal plan. Still, I took advantage of weekends at home to cook delicious treats for my friends. I like to think I’m the last person you’d expect to end up on Cupcakes Wars, but you’d be surprise at what this tattoo’d (shhh… I may have a mustache tattoo, hence the blog name), penny-board riding, indie music loving “bro” can do. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to sharing some good eats with you all!

Contact: muffinswithmustaches@gmail.com



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