Chocolate Pots.

Today we’re keeping it short, sweet, and healthy! These chocolate pots take no more than 20 minutes to be ready, but most of that time is spent chilling the pots in the refrigerator anyway! They’re completely effortless to make, can easily be refrigerated for later, and are great for a light snack or quick dessert. Depending on the portions, one batch can easily be split for up to four people, or can served as a guilty pleasure for one! Enjoy!

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Patriotic Cupcakes!

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Hey everyone! Today, I wanted to share with you the cupcakes that I baked yesterday in honor of America’s birthday. Unlike last year where I attempted to create a complicated layering pattern, this year I chose to simplify everything by baking two wonderful recipes and arranging the cakes into the shape of an American flag! I settled on baking the classic Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting (recipe courtesy of “Pinch my Salt”) as well as some Zingy Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes (recipe courtesy of “Tasty Kitchen”), which worked perfectly since the colors of their frostings where white and red, respectively. For both batches, I ended up setting aside some of the frosting and dying that portion blue before topping onto the cupcakes, in order to complete the corner of my American flag. I even added edible white pearls to represent the Stars! Both cupcake recipes turned out amazing! Instead of raspberry, I used strawberry jam since it was all I had — a little improvisation. This didn’t stop those cupcakes from tasting amazing; they where definitely the standouts of the two. I had a fantastic time making these and they were an absolute hit! I cannot wait to continue my tradition of cupcakes on the fourth next year!








Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! To celebrate, I’m posting a throwback to the Patriotic cupcakes I made last year (these are also the cupcakes in the header). I’ll be back at it this year making more patriotic themed cupcakes to celebrate, so be on the lookout this weekend for some pictures. Remember that you’re all awesome and to have a fantastic day!


White Wine Sangria

With the heat of summer setting in, it’s important to remember to stay cool during these hot summer days. And what better way to cool off than with some great drinks and good friends? Something light and chilled will do the trick in a heartbeat. This pitcher of refreshing white wine sangria will be a sure fire hit on any warm summer evening. Some important tips to remember when making sangria is to always use fresh and organic ingredients, as well as a to use a good wine that you enjoy. Don’t be too cheap, yet not too expensive – after all it’s going to be mixed up anyway. This recipe comes compliments of a bartender and good friend of mine, and includes his advice. Enjoy!




“Let them Eat Cake”

Hello, blogging world!! It’s July 3rd today!! We’re going to party all day…

not. Because it’s Thursday.

There isn’t exactly anything special about today (aside from being the day before Independence Day!).

So let’s make this special, by using the mid-year to check in on my New Years Resolutions. Everyone is doing that, right? They’re on my phone. Somewhere. There’s a little sticky buried deep down with three little items written down:

1. Run a 5k

2. Blog More

3. Love More

Let’s hope I’ve made other people feel more loved, because otherwise I’ve struck out. Today, I’m changing things though.

I like baking cupcakes, I like cooking, and I haven’t been able to properly cook a year (see about me). But now I’m back and ready to share with you recipes, pictures of my baked goods, and everything else food related. To get things started, I invite you to check out below some of the cupcakes I’ve already made, as well as my about me page. Thanks! You’re all so awesome today.

*I will be cross-posting many of my posts to another blog I co-run,